DIY Repair: Five Cell Phone Replacement Parts

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While most phones are not designed to fix, with the appropriate cell phone repair parts and a little know-how, you can fix many of your phone's defects.

We all use our smartphones on a regular basis, but not all of us are comfortable repairing a smartphone when it breaks. While it may look intimidating, the truth is that most cell phone repairs can easily be done at home. Here are some of the top cell phone replacement parts that you can easily install yourself. Note: Instructions may vary depending on the make and model of your smartphone. You can view our complete list of disassemble guides and repair videos to find wholesale phone glass more detailed instructions.

1: Mobile Phone Loudspeaker

Your phone’s loudspeaker is vital to most of the essential functions of a phone. A broken loudspeaker can be frustrating, but fortunately, it’s simple to repair. In this example, you can see how easy it is to replace an iPhone 5s loudspeaker.

2: Cell Phone Screen Repair

A broken smartphone screen may look serious, but in most cases, it’s just surface damage. You can save big bucks by learning how to replace a cell phone screen at home. This example walks you through a Samsung Galaxy S5 LCD replacement wholesale phone repair parts.

3: Headphone Jack Repair

No matter how good your phone’s sound quality is, the headphone jack can still be susceptible to damage. Since the headphone jack is usually handled frequently, it’s more vulnerable to malfunctions. Fortunately, it can be fixed with the right tools.

4: Rear-Facing Camera Replacement

A phone without a rear-facing camera is no fun. Get yours working again with this helpful tutorial, featuring an iPhone 5s custom phone cases iphone.

5: Front-Facing Camera Replacement

For the avid “selfie” taker, the front-facing camera is a must. If yours stops working, don’t panic! Here’s how to fix it.

Hopefully these tutorials empower you to complete the DIY repair instead of shelling out money for a new device. For more information about cell phone repairs or replacement parts, contact today!

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