Sebastian Vettel Out Of 2nd Straight F1 GP

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Sebastian Vettel is out of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix due to illness, but that won't stop him from making an appearance at the race. Aston Martin has announced that Nico Hulkenberg will drive in his place for the Bahrain race.

The German finished 17th in Bahrain, benefiting from the retirements of Max Verstappen, Sergio Perez, and Pierre Gasly. Aston Martin said that Vettel would be replaced by Nico Hulkenberg in the race and it is uncertain whether the German will be available to drive. All the details will be preview on 8Xbet here Some important information related to this battel are down bellow.


Aston Martin has announced that Nico Hulkenberg will replace Sebastian Vettel at the Jeddah Grand Prix. The team also announced that Daniel Ricciardo, who tested positive last week, will replace him at Aston Martin. He has been out since last weekend, but has tested negative multiple times. His absence will prevent him from competing in the opening weekend of the season.


Nico Hulkenberg, who was previously ruled out of the Bahrain GP due to COVID-19, has been reinstated to the race. He missed the first two races of the season, including Bahrain. He was replaced by fellow driver Nico Hulkenberg, who finished 17th in Bahrain. Both drivers will be on standby for the Saudi Arabia GP.


After the negative results, Aston Martin have decided to delay the driver lineup announcement until Friday. The driver lineup was already made with the help of Nico Hulkenberg in Bahrain. The Spaniard finished in 17th during his first race back in F1. The team wants to give Vettel as much time as possible to produce a positive test. But until then, the team wants to use Hulkenberg again as long as Sebastian Vettel stays fit.


Aston Martin has delayed confirming its driver lineup until Friday. After missing the Bahrain GP due to illness, the team is preparing to make a change. In Bahrain, Nico Hulkenberg finished 17th, while Sergio Perez finished eighth. The team is hoping to give Vettel as much time as possible to produce a negative test. Having a driver who's been forced to withdraw due to an illness will impact the teams' performances.


After testing positive for Covid-damege, Sebastian Vettel is out of the Bahrain Grand Prix. His replacement, Nico Hulkenberg, will be in the Aston Martin team. After missing the Bahrain GP, the team will have to deal with the results of another driver. Aston Martin has also changed the mandatory vaccinations for its drivers and technicians.


Aston Martin has also delayed the driver lineup until Friday. After testing positive for Covid-damege in Bahrain, the team opted to put the Aston Martin driver on the bench for the season-opening race. It's worth noting that Nico Hulkenberg is free to resume driving today, while Daniel Ricciardo is suspended until further notice.


While Sebastian Vettel's absence has cost the team the Saudi Arabian GP, the Aston Martin team has had a poor start to the season. The car's performance dropped to a low-level, and he tested positive for the Covid-damege-disease-causing drug, COVID-19. The Aston Martin team has also banned the driver from the paddock if it tests positive.


Aston Martin have made the decision to ban the German driver from the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. Thankfully, the team has decided to drop the mandatory testing and vaccination requirements for the drivers and team personnel. Until then, the teams will have to continue the vaccination process. If a driver tests positive, they will have to stay away from the race. That is good news for the sport.


The German GP was a tough one for Aston Martin. The car has had to be re-fitted by the German team for several races. The German brand has been plagued by the issue for a while now, but there are a few more race weeks left. There is no need to panic, as the Mercedes-Maseracing team will be fined for it.

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