How to Unlock Your Facebook Account| 7 Easy Steps to Follow

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How to Unlock Your Facebook Account| 7 easy Steps to Follow

Have you ever faced your Facebook getting locked suddenly? If yes, then you should not panic as it is not very difficult to unlock a locked Facebook account. In this guide, we will tell you the possible reason why this may have happened and what can you do to resolve the issue. 

Why is your Facebook Account Locked?

It is very frustrating when you see that your account has been locked as it creates disturbances for your Facebook related work. So here are the reasons why your Facebook account temporarily locked

  • You may have a questionable identity with wrong persona details
  • If you are using your account for misrepresentation or for defaming someone
  • If you are spamming your account and Facebook too much with too many activities
  • Joining too many groups and exceeding the limit of 200.
  • Posting something that is offensive or violates the Facebook policies
  • If someone has reported your account and has made a complaint
  • Some common malware problems can also result in your account getting locked
  • If you are underage and not 18

These reasons can cause your account to be locked by Facebook and trouble you very much.

How Can you Unlock your Facebook Account?

Now, after you have known the reasons why your account has been locked you should look for ways to recover Facebook account temporarily locked.

There are some very simple steps through which you can get your account to be unlocked. Follow the instructions we have given you and then recover your locked account back. 

  1. Open the Facebook application on your mobile or the official website on any web browser.
  2. After that enter your username and then, click on the Forgot Password option.
  3. There you need to type the phone number or the email address synced with your account. If you do not remember then, type your Facebook name.
  4. Many accounts with the same name will appear from where you need to choose yours.  Tap on your account.
  5. Then, Facebook will send a confirmation code that will work as OTP. Enter the OTP and verify your identity with the Facebook application.
  6. Then, you need to generate a new password for your account. 
  7. After that, you can now open your Facebook account with this new password and use it again without any difficulty. 

With this, you can now easily unlock your locked Facebook account. These simple steps can resolve your worries very quickly. 

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