I think the only way to make smithing relevant in RuneScape

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I think the only way to make smithing relevant in RuneScape

I think the only way to make smithing relevant in RuneScape without interrupting the bronze - rune system would be to enlarge it so that it's used for something different. I liked the concept of firemaking and the global firepits, and STASH units with structure is great also. For smithing I think introducing some overworld stuff could be RS gold interesting, easy machines or other pieces of metal work. Or creating small metallic figurines used for different things. Hell melt the bars and make potions with it who understands. I like the concept of enthusiast figurines in certain areas, something such as a prayer that is preserve that is free seems balanced.

Smithing they are made by carving or molding if bronze not makes statues. I think smithing could be altered i. Wah that you could smith rune plate at 92smithing and addy armor considerably earlier. Some high level loot mixing could be move higher like dragonfire protect and dragonhunter lance etc and more stuff like that may be added to make use of greater smithing lvl. Also buff smithing cape therefore it might be worth while.Artistic bronze/iron projecting certainly feels just like smithing irl. Carving the mould on the other hand would be like crafting, but if you simply bought the moulds in match I think making figurines would match with smithing.

RuneScape already with crafting for casting necklaces and rings is a counterargument, however I feel like people are so small and delicate it is not as extreme and foundry-y as utilizing giant crucibles to cast statue parts and weld them together.See thats the thing: I believe we should just disrupt the present system. Create Rune smithed at level 60, add 3-4 fresh ores between 70-90, rescale exp prices, change alch worth, etc. etc.. I have no doubt that the JMODS can do it right. Disrupt it by making barrows worthless because the majority of the RuneScape playerbase remains only wearing armour 3 steps up from rune?

The rework only worked for RS3 since they are way fucking further ahead in terms of armour tiers. Blast furnace gold bars as well as the fact OSRS is tough stuck tier 70 signifies a smithing rework will and shouldn't ever happen. Jagex allow smithing become fire making by allowing the exp rates get out of control so today nothing worthwhile can be added to smithing top end because you're able to get 99 per week. Would it make barrows worthless? I do concur that the fix tier 70/75 is pointless. We've got enough weapons to stratify up to grade 90 weapons that would not even make a gap in the majority of cases (very few men and women are using a twisted bow with 75-89 range).

Value would be hit by tier 70 armour immediately. Thats how it would make barrows worthless. The only way it wouldn't hit alch value immediately is when they effectively make it a PvM drop akin to Dplate, Dsquare, Dkite, which isn't even smithing content at the point. Smithing will never be choice for meta armour because exp rates are cheap OSRS gold broken, and OSRS will not vote for skilling needs on meta armour/weapons that is the only thing which will prevent them from hitting alch value instantly. Let it hit alch value, there's a pretty big jump between rune and dragon concerning defenses, so just make those armors slightly better than rune but worse than dragon and it'll be a nice landing stage.