I think you're correct but with the way they created the badges this season

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I think you're correct but with the way they created the badges this season

Want to report a bug? The best place for that is that our Feedback Wishlist threads where neighborhood opinions about NBA 2K is 2K21 MT downloaded and delivered to 2K. I'm a bot, and this activity was done. Please contact the moderators of the subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. Were badge updates not something in myteam lately? I have been super into it this season but ive and I thought I packaged badges.

I think you're correct but with the way they created the badges this season, together with adding a lot of new ones, I believe they'd have to make some alterations to badge updates if they caused it back.Absolutely, I might be an optimist but when a team takes out a feature like that I like to believe theyre taling a year off to look into just how they could allow it to function much better.To preface: LONG READ, however if you are in to offline my my livelihood, you may really like it:--RRB- jump to number 1 to bypass the introduction. Jump to. Intro I had a case of crap net, so recently I have become more of a myleague/mygm guy. I went to college and became both broke and strapped for time, although myCareer was/is addicting. Due to that, I simply jacked Alex Curuso to a 99 overall and NBA 2K player locked him in an myleague.

Suffice to sayit's a whole lot more fun than I believed, and it got me thinking, what's distinct in this compared to mycareer (not speaking about park, I am buttocks online, I will admit it. I feel like the problem with 2k my profession is the fact that it is too one dimensional. You use it to grind If you play online. You do not play with it, if you don't play on the internet. There has to be some thing (s) additional to NBA 2K that add number... so last night that I came up with ONE thing that would change Nba 2k20 my career. It is nothing much, and there are some things in here that we have all thought of needing were in NBA 2K. So yeah, basically here is the 1 thing I'd do to my profession.

Expand on what's already in NBA 2K I like to begin with this since I do feel like if wishlists are made, you will find things, while might make 2k amazing, could be wishful thinking, knowing 2k's track record. Can like Chris Smoove did in my own old 2k videos, I love to drive into the stadium and homes? Hell yea, but I really don't want that thought to come into something similar to MyCourt's kind; something which not a people today use well as an idea that it was in concept. Cause think about it: it's an area that you can interact with your buddies, accomplishments and shoes, play quick games of 2k, and also possess that immersion of living a luxurious life.

That seems like when it functions, it should be amazing, but how often is it that people discuss mycourt? Think things which are right into NBA 2K: social media, morale, things like that. You know how from the 2k social networking lovers and tab individuals trash talk you? Let's once we do, let them have consequences that I can feel, and be able to react. Some overzealous rookie trash talks me let me respond. Shoot, they can even be Buy NBA 2K21 MT just like"be humble, or be a prick". If I would like to be a prick, allow that newcomer get agitated and find a plus 10 (or whatever number they see fair) in all stats for that game.