I can't tell you how many years it has been because I've played Pokemon

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That's the way you do liberated to perform the way

Frankly, we should not have to do this in the pso2 sales first location. I was excited about trying PSO2 out but I'm not going through steps because they only decided to release in NA. Server location will not matter except for a few menu stuff/actually sucking loot drops up. Neither of those things mattered in any way in any significant manner once I was playing JP (from EU), so it likely won't even be noticeable playing NA from EU. I straight up can not get controllers to work on the PC version, despite my controllers working for everything else.

It feels like a nostalgia trip to go play PSO2 for me since I played the first way back when. However, good lord there are a few things I absolutely hate. At this time the biggest stickler I cant get out of my mind is how aggravating with the'auction house' to find parts is. Its an aggravating butt of an execution. Is how tutorial is currently going. It doesn't only need to show you, it apparently demands your focus. The PSE pursuit thing in this tutorial looks broken. Wont flag as complete. Outside of that my initial 5 hours have been pretty fun.

So, anyone know why I've observed literally 0 marketing regarding Phantasy Star Online 2? I have just heard about it from 3 sources: a larger streamer who likes games like it, and that only just mentioned Phantasy Star Online 2 the day before release; my friend who learned about a month prior that it had been coming out, and linked me to exactly the homepage, but had no clue where, when, or how the pc release was forthcoming; also this reddit post.I can excuse an indie title for having no marketing, hot or not, but that which seems to be a AAA title, even an older one that's being localized, should have at least some kind of marketing, even if its just a banner ad somewhere. To view nothing makes me wary of Phantasy Star Online 2's quality.Phantasy Star Online 2 from an old-school PSO fan-boy's perspective

Growing up, I had. I can't tell you how many years it has been because I've played Pokemon, Zelda, Mario, etc.. It is uncommon for me to stick with a match set. Heck, even ones I do revisit on rare occasions (like Final Fantasy) I tend not to stick with for very long. Phantasy Star has at all times been the exception. When a new game in the series comes out I shall drop everything. And honestly, I've been waiting for ONline two FOR AGES. Like everyone else, I simply thought it would not come out. But after 8 years, I finally got my hands on Phantasy Star Online 2 and also feel.

Phantasy Star Online 2 is AMAZING! That's the way you do liberated to perform the way! You make Phantasy Star Online 2rs wish to support you through a reasonable business model, rather than a sleazy model that compels you to provide them 50 dollars simply to progress to the next phase. PSO 2 is simply fantastic. I adore the characters, the simple fact that they bothered to possess ENGLISH VOICE ACTING at a time where most Japanese games maintain the original audio, and the fact that Phantasy Star Online 2play is more fun and addictive than the original. If I had some complaints about Phantasy Star Online 2 compared to the first one, it's the enemies do not melt into pools of blood and leave large patches of blood on the cheap Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta floor like they did in the first.