Complete Star Wars 9 Kylo Ren Cosplay Costume Guide

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Complete Star Wars 9 Kylo Ren Cosplay Costume Guide

Kylo Ren is one of the characters recently introduced in the seventh Episode of famous Star Wars franchise where he was played by Adam Driver. Ren is the son of Han Solo and Leia Organa, he was trained by his uncle Luke Skywalker in Jedi’s Academy. The character of Ben was influenced and obsessed by Snoke to fulfill the legacy of his grandfather Darth Vader. Ben turn into Kylo Ren by killing all his fellow apprentices, left his uncle, and become Knights of Ren which was the organization existed after in the Battle of Endor.
There is no other bad guy than Kylo Ren. Even if you think he is bad, the character always looks cool when dress up as the Dark Lord. If you’re ready to embrace the Dark Side then these Kylo Ren Cosplay items are good to go. Where to buy such cool cosplay costume? Visiting QualityCosplay and here’s what you require for your Star Wars 9 Kylo Ren cosplay costumes:

Ren Leather Cloak
Dressing like his grandfather, Ren also has a black ankle length cloak. The cloak is made of soft PU leather with patchworked cuts. All pieces are tilted at a horizontal angle and the angled cuts are in the same direction around the cloak. The cloak has a big hat and an edge of trim around the collar and front edge, it begins at the bottom hem and transitions around the collar.

Ren Shirt
The shirt is made of skin-friendly cotton and has a hidden zipper up the entire length of the shirt in the front of the chest. The sleeves are form fitting, extend to the wrist. A zipper ends at the base of the thumb and runs down the inside seam of each sleeve. The sleeves use the black leather which has pleats, just spaced similarly to the reference images.

Ren Vest
Ren usually identifies with characters from the darkside, but the Ren cosplay costumes offer such interesting and rich aesthetics. The vest use black satin material which is stitched full of check patterns, some how making a sense of elegance. The vest is not short style but the bottom reaches the mid-thigh and the zipper is just half length than usual at the front of chest, passing through the stand style collar.

Ren Black Girdle
The girdle is made of PU leather and a little higher than usual girdles. Look at the details that a piece of printed pattern leather is stitched in front of the girdle and velcro closure at the back.

Ren Black Pants
The pants have no special design, so you can use them not just for Ren cosplay costumes store but in various events or co-ordinate other characters cosplay costumes. What you have to notice is that the pants are fitted and have no elastic, so pay attention to the size.

Ren Gloves
Form fitting black PU leather with no visible colors, logos or other markings, the gloves have 3 lines sewn into the hand on the outer edges and 2 at the top of the palm.

Ren Boots
The boots are made of PU leather and have a medium gloss shine with no visible laces. There are two straps at the at the top high quality cosplay costumes two at the bottom around the ankle. Each strap is fastened by a rectangular buckle on the inner side of the boots where features a zipper up the entire length of the boots.