What are the benefits and disadvantages of carbon air filter

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What are the benefits and disadvantages of carbon air filter

Carbon air filters work through “adsorption” collecting and trapping pollutants including gaseous and odorous contaminants within the carbon filter media that air is forced through. These air filters work by weight, and as pollutants accumulate and become trapped in the filter media of the carbon it will eventually become saturated. coconut activated carbon suppliers Once the activated carbon filter reaches saturation it will steadily start to expel and release the collected pollutants back into the indoor air that the pollutants were once filtered from, thus acting counterproductively in the environment.


Pinpointing the exact saturation point of your activated carbon air filter is the issue, and thus the ambiguity surrounding how long does an activated carbon last in an air filter is still an unknown dilemma. The life of a carbon air filter will depend on several factors including the conditions in an indoor environment, the size of. the environment, and how much carbon is used in the activated carbon air filter.


Benefits of Carbon

The benefits associated with using carbon air filters will start with its ability to capture and remove unwanted or harmful VOCs from indoor personal air. Activated carbon filters are also able to eliminate unpleasant odors from the air, which will be helpful when dealing with an odor like tobacco smoke in your environment.


Disadvantages to Carbon

There are two major disadvantages to using carbon air filters in your HVAC system or in your air purifier. These two disadvantages include the following:


Frequent Filter Replacements: Carbon filters and activated carbon filters will eventually become saturated and this can happen quicker than you may think – sometimes more frequently than once a month! Replacing filters can be both inconvenient and costly, and determining when you will need to replace these filters is usually a guessing game, as there are not visible signs or indicators when the filter becomes full. If you do not change your carbon filter frequently, you run the risk of your carbon air filter spewing pollutants back into your environment, and therefore tainting your indoor air.www.chinactivecarbon.com


Inability to Remove Particulates: Carbon air filters were designed to remove many organic compounds from the air. However, when it comes to the removal of particulates, carbon is unable to work effectively against these contaminants.