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DRAGON SLAYER II (SAFE) Requirements: High Combat stats (at least 80s), finished Dragon Slayer II Quest. In general, this method is going to be a combat related farming. You will have to RS gold complete Dragon Slayer II since it unlocks two creatures worth killing. First one is the major antagonist of this pursuit - Vorgath.

Even though he doesn't leave valuable things on drop during the assignment, it is possible to come to his cave after quest is completed to fight for benefits. Bear in mind that the version of Vorgath you will meet after the quest is finished will likely be significantly stronger than the one which you have challenged. In terms of the drops you may anticipate to find some Rune items and bars as well as valuable dragonhide.

If you are not into bossing, you might also fight Rune Dragons that are also quite lucrative. They need much less attention, effort and preparation whilst leaving similar items to those who come from the boss. This may also be performed on the lower level if you can manage to get Dragon Slayer II completed.

CHARGING FIRE ORBS (SAFE) Prerequisites: 70+ Agility, 62 Crafting, 63 Magic, 43 Prayer, 59 Runecrafting, Graceful Outfit, Completion of Lunar Diplomacy quest, Castle Wars Balloon, access to higher amount of battlestaves provide through conclusion of Varrock Diaries or via 66 Magic.

Making Battlestaves is a famous method to cheap RuneScape gold create some gold. In addition to gain you'll also get experience in just two skills - Crafting and Magic. This way of gold making demands a whole lot of prep but in the long run it's a lot more worth it than crafting standard Air Staves. To begin you want to take some of the most crucial items into your inventory - Graceful Outfit, Fire Staff, Ring of Duelling and the Anti-Dragon Shield.